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For Phoebe's MA Advance Research Module paper, she explored 'The healing power of Celliant©'. 


An indication of where this research sits within broader research frameworks. 
"Through epistemological philosophy, this literature follows practice based research with an unbiased neo-narrative approach. Hartmann et al stipulates that “a distinguishing feature of contemporary scientific philosophy is that, the use of formal and experimental methods is not confined to areas such as the philosophy of science, of mathematics, or of physics” (Hartmann et al, 2013:1). Within this framework, a positivism methodology and deductive approach is outlined, with the aim of creating a Celliant© second skin ski-wear base layer through an informed cyclical process.  

I understand that my personal methodology follows a closed loop theory. As ideas can be provoked by academic texts (Cocker,2018), conclusions can be drawn that my practice informs the research; for research to inform further practice. Denscombe (2007) explains this is a cyclical process, stating this “type of research involves a feedback loop, in which initial findings generate possibilities for change, which are then implemented and evaluated as a prelude to further investigation” (n.p). This enables continuous reflection and constructive critical evaluation throughout my practice. 

Cocker (2018) stipulates that practice based researchers create their own bricolage of methods, conforming against the parameters of set methods (Cocker, 2018). She continues stating “writing is like a vehicle in to the public domain, helping with different speeds of engagement and reflection” (Cocker, 2018), describing the coherence behind my methods."


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